Hatem Al Amoudi


Hatem Al Amoudi is a technology entrepreneur listed in 2015 by Forbes as one of the top up and coming entrepreneurs of the UAE. Hatem commenced his working career as an engineer with Emirates Airlines and after serving at Gamco Abu Dhabi on military projects. He founded his first start-up, Energy Solutions Group (ESGI), in 2013. The company was able to use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve the operational performance of customer assets, increase revenues and reduce long term operating costs. The business ran the only 24/7 building management command and control centre in the UAE. In 2016 it was selected for support by the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund, the federally sponsored fund in the UAE. Using his previous experience of the measurement and monitoring of IoT devices and analysis of the data collected, Hatem has helped define and expand iFuel, the Neutral Fuels fuel management system. He graduated from Emirates Aviation College with an HND in Aerospace Engineering.