Refuelling options

Customers can refuel at our Dubai biorefinery or they can keep their own biodiesel supply on their own premises. Our biodiesel supply and maintenance package includes full storage and dispensing tanks delivered to your premises.

Petro Industrial tank

For your convenience, the world renowned Petro Industrial storage and dispensing tanks are available to buy or rent from us. Petro Industrial is a leading manufacturer, marketer and supplier of commercial refuelling and lubrication storage and dispensing equipment globally.

The tanks we supply are fully baffled and UN31AY approved to be moved with biodiesel in the tank. Each tank has inbuilt lifting lugs to make it easy to lift and transport tanks when full. You can collect your biodiesel from us or we will deliver directly to your tank.

110% fully self-bunded and environmentally friendly, our tanks range in size from 3,000 to 20,000 litres. Designed for ease of use, inside each tank is a removable inner tank to simplify inspection and maintenance. All that is required to have a tank on your premises is a solid, flat surface.

Each tank is supplied with its own pump, hose and dispensing nozzle according to your preferred dispensing option. Lids and doors are lockable to ensure that the contents remain secure, and we supply locks on all pumps, connections and hoses.

Spill kits, fire extinguishers and other safety accessories are available for sale.

Petro Industrial tanks are globally approved to comply with UN, UL, AS, PPG2 & EU standards and regulations, making them the perfect solution for storing your biodiesel on site in complete safety.

Tank features include:

  • 110% fully self-bunded
  • Fully baffled, UN31AY approved to be moved with liquid in the tank
  • Designed and approved for storage and transportation of diesel
  • Removable inner tank for inspection and ease of maintenance
  • Lifting lugs to lift tanks when full
  • Globally approved tanks meeting UN, UL, AS, PPG2 & EU approvals
  • Lockable lids and doors for security of contents
  • A wide choice of dispensing options
  • Locks on all pumps, connections and hoses